How Does Work

What did you do with your old cellphone?

If you threw it, then you lost a good amount of cash, because you could sold it and buy something new for yourself. That’s right, in this post I’m about to tell you how to get money for your old cellphone.

I like when something like this is possible, and there are 2 reasons: it’s good for environment and it helps people to earn some extra money.

The website is called USELL and you can find many different buyers over there, and it’s pretty simple. Choose your iphone or cellphone model type and and see which buyer/company will offer you more money in return. Once you find the right offer, ship it to them, it’s free and once they approve your item you will get paid via paypal.

What I like about this website is that it works fast, it’s easy to start and you can make extra cash on the side just by selling your old cellphone or cellphones from your family and friends.

Sell your Old Clothes, Textbooks and Tablets too.

Don’t throw it away, you will just make our planet more filthy with dangerous waste, we need to think on our future. And the best part is that USELL don’t just give you cash for your old phones but for clothes, textbooks and many other gadgets.

How it Works?

Select your device, and they’ll show you the best offers from their network of trusted, professional buyers.

Accept a cash offer and they’ll send you a pre-paid shipping kit with tracking included. There’s no hidden costs to sell and no extra hassle to ship.

Choose PayPal or check. Your buyer will issue payment within 5 business days of receiving your device. For your peace of mind, they send you email updates every step of the way.

Selling clothes and tablets works the same way, it’s easy and it works, try it out and let me know what you think.

Leave your experiences in the comments.