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Yes it’s true, those QR codes that you’ve been seeing everywhere are finally  here to help us even more. From now on you can get paid by just scanning QR codes.

One company made it all happen, and they are called QRIKET, I recently find out about them on techcrunch interview and they made good first impression one me.
Their Co-founder Ilya Spekhov looked like really interesting guy and the idea and the way qriket works were something I just needed to share with my readers here on makemoneyinlife.

Qriket lets you and your friends win real money, just by scanning QR codes.

But first lets start from the QR codes, for all of you who are not familiar what they are and what you can do with them, this article will help you.

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What are QR codes?

QR stands for Quick Response Code, and it’s one of the most popular two-dimensional barcode, firstly it was used to track vehicles during the manufacturing process.
But recently with the popularity of the smartphones they have become common in consumer advertising and packaging. For example you can promote your brand and business by providing people with simple QR codes.

Some people even told that they improve conversion rates, because the easy of their use they are becoming a hit online and offline. You can make stickers and spread your  QR codes all  over the town in order to get better exposure to your business.

How People Scan Them?

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It’s pretty simple, nowadays almost every smartphone has an app that can install and use his camera to scan the code, after the scan is complete, you are redirected to the source. Sometimes it’ just a link to the web page, some other application or file to download and even to pay for things.

Now you see more clearly how Qriket is able to pay for scanning QR codes, they probably find advertisers that pay them for  new scans and customers. Because every time you scan a code you will probably become a new customer or loyal visitor of some brand or company  And honestly there is nothing bad in this, as I see it, it’s a win win situation, advertisers get promotion and you get payed by simply scanning QR codes.

How Much You Can Earn?

As I was able to see on the website and the techcrunch interview, you can earn from $1 up to $50 per scan. And with every scan, Qriket gives you the chance to win real instant cash-prizes ranging from $1 – $1000! Qriket also lets you scan without an Internet connection!

There is no much information on the official page, but they awarded people with more then $500, 000 in cash prizes so far with only a bit over 7,000 members.

But as an Android user, I must say that I’m a bit disappointed that they are still not available for Android handheld devices. And I’m pretty sure that this is going to change pretty soon as the idea and the website is great for anyone to make money online fast.

Try it out and tell me what you think.

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