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I want to tell you about this very interesting website, where you will get paid for your prom.

You will get $2,000 dollars if your high school collect the most votes, you can vote for your high school and also sabotage the other ones.

The school that has the most votes nationally will get an additional $2,000. You can vote for your school once-per-day.

The competition ends May 4th. and the school with the highest vote count will get a $2,000 grant for their prom.

By sabotaging other schools, they can loose half a vote, you can do this every day.

This is pretty useful website, you can do a lot with money you win in this contest.

You can buy better organization for your school with this money and much more, it’s up to your imagination.

How It Works?

The website is called

These are instructions from the website directly.

How does our school win?

There are four brackets of schools. They are split up by school size. The top school in each bracket will get a $2,000 grant for their prom budget. The school that has the most votes nationally will get an additional $2,000. You can vote for your school once-per-day.

What does sabotage mean?

Every time you sabotage a school, they lose half a vote.

Is this Free?


What is Zinch?

Zinch is social network connecting you with 900+ colleges and nearly $2 billion in scholarships. They are also the fantastic sponsor of this grant competition.

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Help! I can’t find my school!

Uh oh. Are you sure? If so, click support on the menu and send us a message.

What if my school has a junior and a senior prom, who gets the grant?

For schools that have two separate proms, the grant money would be split between the two proms!

My prom is in April! What should I do?

It’s up to you! If a school wins that already has had their prom, you could save it for next year or use it to pay leftover bills from this year’s prom!

I think my school is in the wrong bracket?

If you really think you are in the wrong bracket, send us a message using the support bottom!

I voted but our ranking isn’t changing

Don’t worry! Your vote was counted. There is a delay in calculating the rank.

You can find more information on the website, but I pretty much explained you the point of the contest and winning.

This is great way for teenagers to make money online while competing with other high schools.

It shouldn’t be hard task to do, all you need to make money online, is to vote every day for your school and sabotage other ones.


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