If you want to get paid by Paypal,  then there are a lot of opportunities for doing this with online jobs. Firstly you will need a Paypal account and they are easy to set up. Then you will need to find jobs that pay this way.

Many online jobs pay by Paypal. This is because Paypal is a very convenient way to pay people even if they are not in the same country as you, as well as being secure. With neither party revealing any bank details, just an email address, it makes it a great way for online transactions to take place securely.

There are lots of jobs that you can find that pay by Paypal as well as other ways to earn money through it. Most people know Paypal as a place to pay and get paid for buying and selling things through eBay. This is still a really good way to make money, especially if you have old things that you want to get rid of as you do not need to invest in stock. If you do decide to buy stock to sell then it is important to make sure that you have done some research of the current market and are sure that you will be able to sell the stock at a profit.

If you like the idea of doing something quick and find, then filling out surveys can be a good way to earn money into Paypal. There are money websites that will pay you to do this and some will allow you to cash out when you have earned just a small amount of money and with others you will have to earn more. You can also earn in a similar manner by viewing videos, clicking links and playing free lottery. These all pay very low amounts of money but they can be fun and take little time and skill.

If you would rather do something more skilled then there is the option of doing freelance work. There is a lot of this online and it can give you the opportunity to work for employers from all over the world doing all sorts of different tasks. There should be some work to suit everyone, with all sorts of different skills required. There are different places to pick up the work and they may pay in different ways but many will pay by Paypal. You should find that if you work directly for someone you will be able to ask for payment by Paypal and most companies or websites will also allow that option as well.

Once you have some money in your Paypal account you can do several things with it. You can choose to spend it and many companies that sell online will accept Paypal as a payment method. You can also choose to transfer it into your bank account. If you have a business account with Paypal, you will be charged for this unless you have more than £50 to transfer, but with a normal individual account there will be no charge.