I want to present you with the website which is quite new, launched in november 2011. But he became the big hit all over the internet.

The website is all about getting payed for challenges you do.

uWont.com is meant to get people out from in front of their computer.

Too many people sit in front of the computer when they are bored instead of getting out and doing things. uWont.com gives people a way to get out and do something be it a ridiculous stunt or a good deed and get paid while doing it.

Website aims to be the place to go for anyone sitting around bored with their buddies, whether they come up with a funny idea for a challenge or if they are looking for something to do.

How It Works?

Someone post the challenge and set the price, you do the challenge and post the proof in form of text, picture or video and get paid for challenge after author of challenge selects you.

On the site you will get paid from breaking egg on your friends head to challenges where you need to chug the nasty milkshake.

It’s interesting and innovative, select the challenge you want to do and ear money from home.

How do I get paid?

uWont uses PayPal to assure quick and secure payments to all users.

How is the winner selected?

When the challenge comes to an end, the challenger has 3 business days to select a winner, if a winner is not chosen within the allotted time period, the entry with the most votes will be deemed the winner.

Challenger can also get paid, if your challenge is featured as the “challenge of the week??? you will receive a cash prize.

So, check out this “challenge marketplace” great website and make money online doing challenges.

image credit: uwont.com