Guest posting is one of the best ways to promote your online business, website, or blog. Now, for bloggers the guest posts are the great way to help the community and get traffic for the submitted posts.

But now both, the business owners that want to promote their websites with content marketing can find great blogs to post on and bloggers can make money by accepting those blog posts and publishing them on their blogs.

The whole concept is pretty easy to understand, it used to work like this, the businesses would hire a content marketing agencies or freelance writers to help them promote their services on targeted and highly trafficked blogs by posting guest posts and including a link back to their page.

But using a postjoint, businesses can find best blogs with targeted traffic to promote their websites using guest posts. And bloggers can make money blogging and by accepting guest posts.

All you need to do is to choose offers from the website (advertiser) and set your fee for publishing the post on your blog or website. This doesn’t mean that you need to accept every offer. Only choose the guest posts that are related to your blog topics and something that will be interesting and useful to your readers.

So overall, it’s the place where you will get paid to publish finished guest post on your blog. Here is the screenshot from my account:


The website is still in beta, but they are constantly improving, updating and adding new features.
This is not sponsored post or anything, I’m writing this to tell you that I joined two days ago and already have published a guest post for $30.

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Once I get my payment from the advertiser tomorrow, I will add you a screenshot here in this blog post.

But my blog is highly visited, you can try to charge less or more if your traffic is bigger, the opportunities are endless.

How I Made Money by Accepting Finished Guest Post?

You first need to be accepted inside the postjoint by their team, once I was accepted the rest is history. Inside the admin dashboard I found 10 offers, some of the advertisers are not going to pay a fee, since the website is for both payed and free guest posts. I picked a company that was clearly stating that are willing to pay a fee in order to get their content published on a business blog.

I chose 3 offers that are related to my blog and after couple of hours one advertiser replied that he’s accepting my price of $30. Not bad for new website like postjoint with great idea.

Currently the blog post is alive and I will receive the payment in a day on my paypal account. The price I stated was only for testing purposes to see if there are any interested advertisers and it showed pretty well. And if you’re thinking how much to charge, this next table I’m about to show you is going to help you a lot.

How Much to Charge for Publishing Guest Post on My Blog?

Judging by the table I need to charge more, but for start and to help my advertisers, the current price is appropriate. As you can see, making money online is only a click away.

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Is  PostJoint Free to Use?

Postjoint is free, but since the concept is working so well and they are in beta, I recommend you to join fast, maybe they will go premium soon, who knows.

And right now they are only working as a connection between an advertiser and a bloggers or publisher, every payment is made between these two sides and the postjoint doesn’t involve in this.

For Advertisers:

Discover the fastest way to reach your audience on targeted blogs.

For Bloggers:

Get free quality content. Earn some money while you’re at it too.

I don’t know if I forgot to mention something, but once you join it’s pretty easy to start and to make money online by publishing guest posts. Once I get the payment tomorrow, I will update you with the screenshot. For more information please visit postjoint, thanks for reading and good luck with getting paid for guest posts, maybe you will earn even more.


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    • That’s true, bloggers can get paid and it’s a win win situation for both advertisers and bloggers.

  1. this is really win win situation i will check it out when i have enough traffic

  2. Hello,
    I tried to create an account with them but after filling up all the details,it takes me to a take with only error written on it.I tried to do this 3-4 times but still same thing happening.What is wrong?please help.

    • Hi Shyam, sorry but I really don’t know what type of error you’re getting. You should get in contact with Saleem from postjoint and to have that fixed, I’m just using the website like you and I don’t have any connections with their designers and coders.

      thanks for stopping by

  3. I have one question: the cost/link is per month or a fixed price permanently for life ?

    • You can leave it forever or as long your blog is online. But if you don’t feel like having that link forever online, you can tel l advertiser that the link will be online for a month or two for example.

      thanks for stopping by 🙂

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