Social Media have really big influence on our business and our way of communication with other people and brands.

This next website will pay you to share interesting campaigns with your friends and followers, you will be able to make money online sharing messages.

First thing to know is that you will not make money if you spam people, share links that you choose and know that your friends will be interested in.

About Website and Sharing

The website is called Churp Churp and there are two ways to get paid for sharing messages.

First way is called “Social Share“, Social Share allows you to choose the campaigns you like & to share it out with your friends! Every unique click you get from sharing from your personal link, will get you rewarded!

There is no limit on the number of campaigns that you can share!

The more you share, the more cash prizes you will get, just dont’ spam.

Second way is called “Social Seeding“, Social seeding campaigns are campaigns that are pre-assigned to you.

Once you are selected for a campaign, you will be notified via e-mail. The campaign will be shown on your dashboard and you will be given a brief to compose your posts in selected platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, or Forums.

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Making Money

Your earnings will be credited within a week after the campaign has ended.

Click fraud will be stopped, so don’t try to use any illegal software, cause you will loose all your earnings.

You may cash out your earnings upon reaching the minimum cash out rate of your region.

Simply click on “Cash Out My Earnings” and you will receive an email notification of the payment.

Please note that a transaction fee is applied to all cash outs. They will process your payment 30 days after the end of the month you cashed out.

The best thing is that there is no any limits when it comes to sharing campaigns.

You can do as much campaigns you can handle at one time.

This is one interesting way to work from home and do what you are already doing, share interesting news and get paid for it.

Build community around your profile, that way more people will click on your links and unique clicks means more money for you.