One of the best ways to make money online is to write a blog posts, lots and lots of them.


Because blog posts are still one of the best ways to get traffic and online exposure, the more posts you write and share with others, the more new clients and job opportunities you can get.

On the beginning of the internet, when writers and bloggers noticed that their writings took of and that people are interested in buying more and looking for more, we only had couple  of ways to monetize our posts.

It was usually through blogging and social media, but did that helped you to connect with the advertiser or sponsors?

Of course it didn’t, usually the store owners and product owners were the one contacting you, and you lost your time on just closing a deal.

You didn’t know how to find more products and people to include them in your writings and online posts, you basically let hundreds if not thousands of dollars go right through the window.

How to Get Paid for Writing Posts?

Things changed for better these last couple of years, and websites like the one I’m about to tell you, helped us to sculpture our posts and to monetize them without hurting our readership.

The website is called Referly, a product blogging platfrom, where you get paid to wrote blog posts.

It’s pretty simple, after deciding and writing the post on a particular topic, you just need to add the link of a product inside your post. Once the sale is made, you will made %10 of the purchase.

You can use their free editorial tools to write articles on a broad range of topics and generate trackable product links to embed on your own websites and social media.

Writers are featured on the front page, and get paid or earn for charity when their product links generate sales.

And don’t worry, the referly will take care of everything for you, like providing you with the right writing and tracking tools.


Who is Behind the Website?

Website is founded by a great girl and entrepreneur called Danielle Morrill, you probably read her blog, many people do. She nows run Referly with her brother Kevin, they have a great team helping them too. If you want to find out more, please visit their website, or their twitter and facebook, thanks for reading.