You always come up with some good ideas, but you don’t have any clients to pay you for them. If you would like to have some companies and other people paying you for your ideas then read on.

Without right place to monetize your talent, you can waste  your valuable time and energy. Since the Internet is so strong these days, it’s really easy to make money online and to make your work from home more interesting.

About The Website

The site is called Idea Bounty, basically it’s the “marketplace of ideas” where many talented people are joining and then selling their ideas to ones that need them.

Idea Bounty has more than 20,000 registered community members and has worked with brands including FNB, The World Wildlife Fund, Unilever, Chevrolet, The Financial Times and South African Breweries.

Here is the website HQ address:

Head Office
3rd Floor, Block C
cnr Searle & Pontac Street
Cape Town, 7925, ZAF

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Make Money Selling Your Ideas

People that need Ideas for their business will post the ideas and the price. You simply submit your idea and wait for news that you won :).

Then you get cash, I think this is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Simply by sharing Ideas and competing with other peple is just another fun and interesting way of earning some cash on the side.

As I noticed on the site, the prizes are really good, people won from $500 up to $ 20,000 in cold hard cash. The only thing that I could notice on the website is that there are no much clients looking for ideas. While I was writing this, there was only one project opened with the cash prize of $3,500.

Maybe they work that way, but website is legitimate and people have won a big amounts of cash. This is not that much big article, because the Idea is simple but effective, there is one purpose: and that’s to “make you money online”.

The Idea in Their Own Words: 

Idea Bounty is a platform for crowdsourcing creative Ideas. Clients are able to post creative briefs and creatives receive a Bounty if they submit the winning Idea.

Tell me what you think about the website, share your comments or suggestions.