I just found out about a website that connects advertisers with pinners or pinterest users. Now, what got my attention is the possibility of making money by pinning sponsored pins.

Website is made for 2 reasons:

To promote advertisers and their products or services and help them to reach more customers.

And to help pinterest users to make money online just by pinning, you basically get paid to pin for those advertisers.

  • Pin on behalf of an advertiser and get paid to do it.
  • You decide what you post, who you work with and even how much you charge.
  • Always maintain creative control of your personal account.

The website looks nice, my first impression about the design was that it’s easy to use and understand:


This is the front page look, now in the backend you have really simple dashboard where you can see the number of followers, pins and boards from your pinterest profile.

The website automatically suggest you how much you should charge for a pin, for my 1290 followers the price is $3.87. It’s not that bad if I manage to attract any advertiser, since I just joined, my account is empty. But I will keep updating you on the the money I earn with the pinbooster, that’s the whole reason why I’m writing this post, to earn money and help you do the same.

Here is the screenshot of the admin dashboard:



How to Make Money with Pinbooster?

I need to write step by step, but I think that you already see the big picture, that’s why I’m going to quote a text from the website:

How it works:

  1. Sign-up and set your per-pin price.
  2. Add tags to describe some of your world of pins and personality.
  3. When you get an offer, decide whether or not you’re interested
  4. Work with the advertiser on the description of the pin.
  5. Pin away!
  6. Get paid (the good part) within 24 hours of the pin going live. To avoid crazy processing fees, you are only able to cash out once your account is at $100.

Stay tuned as I’m going to try to make some money with this interesting tool, because it has a great idea and I think it just needs a little push.

Pinbooster was founded by Dave Weinberg and Ariel Remer.

For more info, please visit pinbooster.com

this is not a sponsored post or a review, but my honest opinion and investigation of the website.