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Do you like to listen to music, notice the lyrics and perhaps, understand what lies behind the appealing songs? Would you like to analyze them, and on top of that, to be paid for your passion? If so, you are at the right place! SliceThePie is about to give you one offer that is ought to be taken into account as soon as possible. So, in case you are looking to review music and start be paid for that, keep on reading to see how easy it actually is!

How SliceThePie works

As a new member, the main idea of what your work will concern in is creating reviews to songs. SliceThePie is basically a community of music passionate members that share their information, insights and believes regarding music. Still, since this is a platform that went viral for some time now, only the best from the best is accepted and taken into account. SliceThePie is a great way to start making some extra income, since the payment is all secured and easy to access.

Get paid to review music

It is basically done through PayPal, after your earnings exceed the limit of $10.00. Make sure to submit a valid PayPal email account where to send your money, so that you will receive all of your payment in good state.

If you were wondering how it is possible to earn more after some time spend on SliceThePie, the answer is about to come – the better your ranking is, the more money you get. It is actually a logical situation, since the better your reviews tend to be, the higher your ranking will be. Also, a tip for having a better ranking on SliceThePie consists in giving suggestions, comments and pieces of advice for the artists to make their outcome better. By this way, you will gain not only respect but also more money to play with!

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This platform comes as well with another way to earn some money while sharing it to any of your friends. The more friends get in the SliceThePie membership, the more money you will earn! So, in case any of them has just submitted a review and was paid with $0.30, you will receive $0.03 of his earnings. It may look like a small sum, still as days go by and his ranking becomes better, you will see that at least 1/10 of your earnings will be done thanks to his membership account!

These being said, SliceThePie is another great way to start making money online from home, as well as developing new skills and working for your passion!


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