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Do you smoke? Does it happen to you to drink, every once in a while? Yet, food is also something you are really keen on? If so, you should know by know that you are addicted to something – something that make you get rid of a lot of money, that you could have used for yourself for different and specific purposes. In case you are one of them, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines and get a better image over how to get rid of the vicious circle – and start save those money for the right purpose!


  1. Think About The Money

Do you want to make a change? Are you simply exhausted of the fact that you can not give up? Welcome on board. The very first thing you should know by now about vices is that you have to spend a lot of money on these things – money for smoking, alcohol, and the list can easily continue. Thus, you should start off by things about the money, the dollars that you can direct into an economy account and use them for something more useful!


  1. Use the Money for Something Else

We, as human beings, we are driven to spend the exact amount of money that we make – in regards to paying for the vice. In case you wish for something else for you, just take up another vice – one that is, instead of damaging, totally useful and healthy for you. These being said, you could make it, for instance, pay those money for trips, makeup, healthier food, gym and the list can easily continue! And how about clothes? Don’t you want to be better dressed up, all set up for the real life? I am sure that this will set you for the big win!

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  1. Jogging

Besides money, the viceous cycle is hard to break out of due to the fact that your body craves for it, and for more. In order to prevent this aspect from happening, you have to completely change your way of life – which means do jogging, sports and any other form of moving possible just to make sure that everything is in the right place – and also, to make sure you do not put your mouth on those things ever again! It is fun, healthy, and you will start to realize your body changes – into the good!


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