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Are Gold IRAs a Scam or Legit

Gold IRAs are the newest big thing in IRA accounts, but are they legitimate? This article will share some information about them and let you decide for yourself. They have been around for a little while, but people are still concerned about them. They almost sound too good to be true, and you know what they say – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. But notice, I said they almost sound too good to be true. You will need to do your own research to see if these types of accounts are worth your time and money. Below are some pros and cons of the self-directed IRAs.

Gold IRAs are also called self-directed IRAs or precious metals IRAs. They are called self-directed because, unlike other IRAs, you get to choose how to invest your money. They are called precious metal IRAs because you can also add other precious metals besides gold to your IRA. You can have a Gold Avenue Review if you do a little research. You can add gold, silver, platinum, palladium, or even copper to your IRAs. These are all good for you in different ways and can help you add money to your retirement portfolio. 

Pros of the Gold IRAs

            There are many pros to having a gold IRA, and they are similar to having any type of individual retirement accounts. Here are a few of them listed below for you. By reading through these, you can see if this is the retirement fund for you. 

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            Any contribution that you make to a gold IRA is tax deductible for you, just like any other individual retirement account. This means that you can contribute to your account, and it will not be taxable for you. You can also withdraw from your account tax-free if it qualifies. This helps you to save even more money for your retirement. You can look here to see what other tax benefits these types of accounts have for you. These benefits can be a good way for you to save money for your retirement. 

            Gold and other precious metals are also good for a long-term hold. Since these investments are not very liquid, they are better for the long term. You usually will not want to touch these investments until you retire, anyway, so keeping them in an IRA is a good thing. These are good investments for you in the long term and you will have a great addition to your retirement accounts. These investments can be great for you and your family down the road. 

            You will have greater control over your investments if you choose a self-directed IRA. With this type of retirement account, you can choose which investments you want and need for your retirement fund. You can choose exactly what you want to fund your retirement and choosing gold and other precious metals are great investments. This can include any of the precious metals such as silver, platinum, palladium, and copper. 

            Gold and other precious metals are also great additions to your retirement fund because they are a great hedge against inflation and other economic downturns. When the economy is doing bad, then paper investments also do not do well. In these times, gold and precious metals actually increase in value so that you will not lose so much money during these times. Paper investments usually do well in times when the economy is doing well.        

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There are also many cons when it comes to investing in a gold IRA, and some of those cons are listed below. You will want to learn all about the cons, as well as the pros, to make sure that this is the investment that you want. See below to see if these are what you are looking for. 

Cons of Gold IRAs

            There is no tax-advantaged income when you invest in this type of retirement fund. You cannot take advantage of the tax benefits that you can with a traditional IRA because gold and precious metals do not pay interest, dividends, or other returns of that type. The only break you get is when you sell your investments later on. Even then, you have to wait until your retirement to get those benefits. 

            You will have to pay higher fees to have this type of retirement fund. You will have to pay custodial fees for your precious metals because you cannot keep these items in your home. You will also need to insure your precious metals and pay to ship it to your safe-keeping place. This makes your gold IRAs a little more expensive than other types of IRAs.

            There are also funding restrictions when it comes to these types of funds. You cannot buy the precious metals on your own, you must have your custodian buy them for you. This takes a little more money and time on your behalf but can do better monetarily later.

There are other cons when it comes to gold IRAs, and you can do a little research to find out exactly what they are. You can do well with these types of retirement funds, but you must make sure that you are following all the rules and regulations that you need in order to be able to fund your retirement portfolio. You want to make sure that you have the money that you need for your retirement and that you will be able to have a nice retirement. 

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You can also do some research to see how legitimate these gold IRAs really are. Some people feel that they are a scam, but most people feel that this is a great way to fund your retirement. Research can tell you that these IRAs are just as legitimate as traditional IRAs, they might just take a little more research on your behalf to be able to pick the precious metals that you truly want to invest in. 


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