Good business plans doubles the chances for success of every business, the research for Palo Alto Software company has shown. Good business plan is in direct correlation of increase of success of the company in every single goal the plan has projected.

Whether you are in phase of planning or you are already in the business for years, the direction you are planning to take is determined by the business you plan to build.

Business plan isn’t nothing but a good, quality, realistic prognosis about the further progress of the company.

What good business plan needs to have?

Goals – What do you plan to accomplish with your business? This is a key part of a business plan that should be focused on your goals.

– Identify the goals in early business stage
– Plan the deadlines needed to achieve these goals
– If you have employees, set responsible for different goals

Products and services – You are what you sell. From the management of your offer, the success of your business is determined.

Market – The development of the market is key for your business plan. Stable increase of customers is something that will turn your idea into profitable business.

– Why is your product competitive on the market?
– Where are your potential customers and why?
– What is the best way to attract your product to the potential customers?

Employees – employees could be both your strongest and your weakest link.

– Surround yourself with the best people in your area and secure benefits
– Give them straight and clear instructions about your business so they could follow them

The competition – make your competition your knowledge source and the place for potential new clients.

– Look at your competitors like a case study market – anything you can learn from their successes and failures will be of use for you.
– find a way to co-operate with your competition or to team up, especially if they have products or skills that add to your offer

Budget – one of the very important things in your business plan is your budget.

– create a clearly defined budget
– connect the budget with every single goal of your business plan