Regardless if you are employed, looking for a job or you are trying to promote your own business, LinkedIn is the cheapest tool for connecting that will help you reach your professional goals.

Even though LinkedIn is a perfect place for networking or finding of a new job, just having a profile on this social network isn’t enough. Only when your profile on LinkedIn is optimized or adjusted to the market demands and your goals, you can use all the potentials this largest business network gives you.

Here is how to optimize your LinkedIn profile and leave a positive impression.

Optimize your profile

Many people pay attention to the title of their LinkedIn profile, and the title is extremely important. In order to attract attention of someone who checks out your LinkedIn profile you must have a good title, because that is something that gives you professional identity and something potential partner and employer will look first. The thing that is also important is that the whole profile has keywords that will help your profile show more often during search.

Create an adjusted URL

In order to share your profile more easier, create an url – In order create an URL, go to edit profile and then switch to section Public Profile URL. Click edit and choose the desired URL for your profile.

Write In First Person

Even though first person use isn’t recommended for writing of CV, it is recommended when we are talking about LinkedIn. Your profile is much more then dead characters. That’s why you should write like you are talking to somebody. This way the people will more easier see the right picture about you.

Point Out Your Results

HR managers are spending a lot of time searching through LinkedIn for a suitable candidates. The thing they are interested in are results. That’s why you should try and represent yourself as someone who creates results and can complete challenges.

Choose The Right Photo

If you wouldn’t put informal photo with your pet on your CV, then don’t do that on LinkedIn profile. You must be aware that on LinkedIn you are seen by potential employers. High quality photo of recent date that best describes you or your profession is the right thing to do.