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Logging in via social networks is becoming a significant factor for ecommerce stores. Almost every top ecommerce store in today’s time has got a social login option to allow users to easily login to their sites. Being the hottest topic of ecommerce industry, social logins play an important role in helping e-stores to overcome the shopping cart abandonment crisis. Today, several thousands of shopping carts are abandoned for the reason that there is unwanted registration forms that are lengthy too.

By the time Google launched its Google+ sign-ins, the demands for social logins became a much hot topic. A number of social networks like twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Google and StumbleUpon contribute to the social network functionality. Among these social networks, the two major ones are Google and Facebook. A new data released recently states about the social login preferences and the highest user percentage on each site individually. According to that report, Facebook comes in with 46%, which is so far the highest among social login preferences.

Next comes the Google with 34%, which is the second highest in this journal and it getting fast responses in the past few months. Facebook of course is the all time favourite of many and even in sleep our hands are always ready to enter the Facebook login details. But this increasing activity of login in using Google accounts have made Facebook to lose ground to Google and it is expected that within a year Google will lead the social login aspect when it comes to percentage. Illustrated below is the resulting report of social login preferences taken as per this year’s first quarter.

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Facebook – 45 %

Google – 31 %

Yahoo – 9 %

Twitter – 9 %

Others – 6%

Though Facebook is currently at the top of the list, in the first quarter of last year the brand a was withholding 49% in social login preferences, which then slowly got lessen to 46% this year. Coming to Google, in early 2012 it was withholding 31% and this year it is 34%. This even indicates that Google is emerging big in this aspect and Facebook has started to drop out. The major contributer to Google’s increasing social login popularity is the Google+ logins.


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  1. Rudraksh Pathak


    I will thumbs up for Google. Their roots are so strong that not even Facebook can harm them. Definitely Google have lot of special services that Facebook doesn’t provide. So I will go for Google.

    Rudraksh Pathak

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