Most major businesses revolve around a strong product. Think of Apple, and its revolutionary iPhone, iPad, and Macbooks. Apple is company that puts ‘product’ at the heart of its business. A good product will change the world. And it’s the one thing that inventors and entrepreneurs are looking for the world over. If you’ve got a great idea in your head, it could well be the next iPhone. The only hard part is turning that idea or concept into a working product. If you’re new to the game, where do you even start?




Well, before you dive straight into the product design, let’s go back to the drawing board. First of all, realise that a good product requires a long period of research. You’ve already got your idea in mind, so we’ve made a good start. Now, you need to research the market, and your potential customers, to hone it, and make it perfect. Start by researching the market. What else is out there similar to your idea? What makes your product different, and where will it fit in the market? Next, research your target audience. Who are they, and how will they use your product? What can you do to make it even more relevant to them?


Sketch and design


With your research and feedback in hand, you can start to mock up the initial designs. It’s a great time to start experimenting with form and shape. But, be sure to keep the design practical, and user friendly. You’re looking for a careful balance of creativity and usability. At this stage, you’ll go through tons of scrapbooks and pencils, but that’s a good thing! The more sketches and designs you make, the closer you’re getting.




The prototyping stage is a fun one for any entrepreneur. You’ll finally get to see your product idea come to life. Inventors usually start by making a prototype from things lying around the house. The first prototype is just to get a sense of size, shape, and feel. After that, you can commission a working prototype to test the materials and functionality. At this point, you might want to consider working with a product company like RGE Group. Product companies will create a working prototype, and help you take things to full development.




With your final prototype in hand, you’re ready to show it to the world. But not the whole world, just a carefully chosen sample! Get a focus group together comprising your target audience. Let them use and experiment with the prototype. Their feedback and thoughts will be vital when taking this to the final designs.


Final product development


Take the feedback on board, make some final tweaks, and you’re nearly there. All that’s left to do is negotiate the manufacture and development of the final product. Last of all, you’ll commission a full run of product development. Congratulations, your brilliant idea is now in full manufacture mode!


All that’s left to do is sell it to the general public, and watch your product take over the world! Got any more questions about the process? Ask away in the comment section.


Could you create the next iPhone?