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Office jobs are not for everyone – just like the travel jobs are either. If you are a travel passionate, odds are that you will be spending a big amount of your working money on ticket flights and hotels. At the same time, it is quite accurate to say that you would rather go on a plane instead to be at work from 9 to 5, on the same office, each day. Still, if you find this description accurate as suitable for yourself, you are most probably one of the people who enjoy traveling – so a job that has to deal with traveling might be the right one for you. These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to meet some of the greatest jobs that entail travel!

  1. Flight Attendant

One of the greatest jobs to have in order to travel as much as you can is being a flight attendant. Not only do you get the chance to travel while you work (at all times), but any employee gets many discounts at flights, both for them and for their families. Thus, if you aim to help you family too, make sure to try this out yourself! From Mexico to Australia, Europe to Middle East, any destination would be possible.

  1. Travel Agents

Travel agents are known as the people specialized in providing travel advice to any customer looking forward to knowing more about a certain destination. Even though as a whole, this career seems to be a dead one, there are still a lot of travel agents in the world who are gaining a lot of money out from their job. Not to mention that you will always travel as long as you take up this career!

  1. Travel Writer
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Another great job that entails traveling is travel writer. Not only do you have the chance to write about amazing stuff, but you also see a lot of beautiful places which you will next put on paper. Unfortunately though, most of the positions of being a travel writer are freelance, which means that if you want to be one of them, you must do this on your own. There are pros and cons of this, because you will never have a boss telling you what to do. On the other hand, this job is never a secure one – you can either have great times and black times, when it is not sustainable anymore.

  1. Truck Driver

If you are a fan of driving, you will be most happy on four wheels. You can start your travel job on a truck, since truck drivers are always on the go, from one country to the other. Depending on what you carry inside, the salary can be extremely attractive, even for a truck driver. On the other hand, the schedule is not necessarily flexible – instead the schedule is fixed and lets you know when to stop and take a nap.

  1. International Tour Guide

For anyone interested in museums and history, being an international tour guide is a career not many would think of. It allows people go from one place to the other on request – basically, when you are asked, you will need to travel to certain countries and be the travel guide – all expenses paid. If thought about it deeply, you will soon realise that this job is more like a vacation. Even though not many people are taking this position up, if you are keen on both traveling and history, this might be your best shot.

  1. Foreign Service Worker
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In this category, we can find different jobs, from spies to diplomats. Still, in case you feel that you can take up a career in which travel is one important element, you can start from either a diplomat or any other position that involves dealing with a foreign service. Besides being an interesting story, you will have loads more to tell to your children. You can find a list with all the available positions in any website according to the state you live in (or for the one you aim to work).

7. Recruiter

Recruiters are people who are looking for best people in best domains from all over the world. A great head hunter (or recruiter) can be always on the run, with flights to take up at any time. If you happen to take up this career, you must know that success is hit just after you will be looking at the clock in comparison to your flights which need to be always caught. Still, there are many advantages, aside from the attractive salary, bonuses and travel – you get to meet a lot of amazing people and individuals, with different backgrounds and cultures.


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