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2014 has been a good year for UK business, and with the UK’s growth levels having surpassed the 2008 levels for the first time since 6 years ago, many companies are feeling the need to upscale. If you’ve had a home business for the past several years, you might now be thinking about how you can grow your business to the next level by leasing your own premises. Doing so will take a lot of preparation and hard work, but if you follow the advice below you can take your business from operating at home to operating out of a proper office giving you the scope to increase your revenue. Here’s some of the best advice on how to take your business on to the next level.

Location Is Everything

Before you even start considering a specific region to place your new office, you really need to ask yourself some specific questions about the work you intend to do there. Will you be reaching out to clients in the local area or are you pushing for a regional audience? Are you an online-only company or do you operate with real-world products and services where you need to be close to your customers. Your answers to these questions define where you need your office to be in the UK. Of course, you might not want to relocate your company to London if you’re currently based in Newcastle, but if you’re trying to go for a national or international audience, it might be the best option.

Scrap What You Don’t Need

Once you’ve closed in in a particular destination or space for your office it’s time to start thinking about the moving process itself. If you’re not keen on the idea of taking everything you own with you, or if your office isn’t available until a specific date but you want to have your entire office furniture ready, you’ll need to consider some temporary storage like that available from Warehouse Storage Solutions, that way you can have everything ready to move into your new office as soon as it’s available. This also affords you the opportunity to throw out what you don’t need, and to take stock of what you need to replace or buy more of.

A Time to Refine

Moving into a new office space allows you to take a step back and examine your workflow and business pipeline. Create a flow chart of your processes and work out what you could do to make them more profitable. Operating from a new space should help illuminate any problems, and then you can quickly fix them before you get too settled.

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