Life is filled with unexpected moments. I don’t know about you, but as for me, it is a common thing to be happening something spectacular at my job in the very moment I am out of shape or color – when I might have had a white night working, dancing in the club or just being stressed. It is just how it happens to me. Still, if you share the same problem, I might just have found the solution – make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to meet up with some great habits to do at night in order to have a flawless morning and a prolific day! No unexpected situations will ever face a sleepy face.



Believe it or not, doing a bit of workout at night before sleep with at least an hour reduces the stress and makes your sleep more relaxing. This is basically the reason why most successful people run or go to the gym an after that they come back home to have a great sleep. And in the morning they are simply flawless! Their skin is soft and with no wrinkle to deal with.


Hot Bath

Right after the workout, a hot bath takes the turn. It is better to have a hot bath instead of a shower, even if the second one is faster. At all times, a hot bath will make your body feel relaxed especially after a workout when it needs recovery. By this way, you are adding a plus to your sleep (more beautiful dreams, healthier sleep, no sleepy face in the morning!)

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Use Body Lotion

This step might be funny for you, but you don’t know yet how magical it is! After a hard day at job, a workout and a hot bath, your body needs nothing but hydratation – and how better would it receive it if not through a body cream that you love? And c’mon, all of us have one in their house! If you are a man, ask your wife (or mother!).


Sleep before 11 pm

This step is an utterly important one. If you want your sleep to be healthy and make your morning energized, falling asleep before 11 pm is a must. It is said that this is the healthies hour of the night in which you dream the most and your body receives the best relaxation!


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