It was one great year, 2015 marked a lot of changes and improvements, both in this blog and my online businesses.

Who would say that one simple blog can change a man’s life this much, everything I have and own is thanks to this blog. Blogging and making money online is possible, just don’t give up.

I know that I don’t write at all like I used to, but that’s why Gabriela is here, she’s the Boss around here these last few years. Everything you need, from writing to advertising, she can help, she’s working with me since…well March 2013, almost 3 years soon.

Remind me to give her a raise, thanks Gaby 🙂

Time truly flies by, when I started this blog back in January 2011, yes…. (it will be 5 years of online fun and hustle in January of 2016), I never thought that it will mean this much to me and to the world.

We have a lot of changes coming in, a new redesign, some more interesting features, marketing tactics we would like to share with you etc…

I just stopped by to thank you all and to say how grateful I am of having such a nice followers, fans and readers of MMIL. Thanks Gabriela, and thank you all for reading this blog.

Happy New Year Everyone!