149035-Harvard-Business-SchoolBecoming a professor is not always easy – exams, tests, tests, exams again, hard work and dedication, all of these ring a bell to any professional in Education. Yet, believe it or not, aside from being a tough process, becoming a professor comes rather as a surprise. When we were children and people asked us what we wish to be when we grow up, few happened to follow the same path as expressed back then. The same principle applies to teaching – even the professionals haven’t know what they were up to until they started to be known as professors. Same principle applies to the Harvard Business School – now, they do it flawlessly. But let’s just see what is it all about.

Former mechanical engineer by training, mr. Sunil Gupta is an Accidental Professor at Harvard Business School (HBS), explaining just how he never thought of teaching as a full-time job. Nowadays, he is an expert at the HBS General Management Program.

Harvard Business School is profoundly linked to the profession itself. Among changing students’ lives, HBS has an impact on each and every individual taking part in classes. Alumni of the Harvard Business School (HBS) General Management best reflect how it helps you both learn new skills and learn about yourself.

There is more – the Reflective Best Self method best explains how feedback should be done and express to be at its best. Harvard Business School (HBS) Professor Linda Hill underlines just how the method influenced her and revealed its links to the social context in the HBS General Management Program.