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Ever wondered why some on-line retailers are successful and some less so? If you work in the field you likely did and you probably know the answer as well. It isn’t all about advertising and reach (although they helps!). No, one of the biggest and most important advantage that successful internet businesses have learned to harness is the power of ease-of-use.

Why do people buy things from Amazon? Well, they have some of the best prices out there for one thing but they also possess the advantage of making shopping exceedingly easy for you. Most On-line stores require you to go through a lot of hassle and jump through a lot of hoops to get to what’s actually important for you, even after you first sign up. You have to confirm shipments and update accounts and most of the time the whole site isn’t that straightforward set up. Every moment of even the slightest irritation to your users ruins your chances of completing sales.

Amazon has the same sign-up process but after first completing it, the sale process becomes incredibly easy. You just enter your password and your done. Buying something is even easier if you’re signed into 1-click buying will ensure that your order is dispatched almost automatically.

So if you’re going to learn one thing from Amazon learn this: hassle kills your sales. Consequently your entire site design and SEO process should be geared towards one purpose: creating a ‘pipeline’ that delivers potential customers to what they are looking for and enables them to obtain that in as easy a manner as possible. Your site should be professionally designed and easy to navigate with all the user interface bits clearly visible and all in one place. There needs to be content attached to your site pages so your customers don’t just gloss over them but it has to be relevant and unobtrusive.

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It is also very important that you optimize your store pages extensively so that you are able to offer alternative products and products that go well with the one that your customer is browsing for. Alternatives at different price points can often all but ensure a sale so this type of optimization is strongly recommended. You should hire a professional SEO company like the dna digital agency or start your own dedicated SEO department.

Ease of use is the secret behind many successful businesses, from Apple’s revival to the rise of Amazon. The main secret behind the success of any business is simplicity and its ability to retain its customers by offering a better use experience than the competition. Take that to heart as you start (or continue your journey down the road of Internet retail).

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