Have you ever craved for that american breakfast you get to see in the movies? All the family members all suited up, taking their luxurious breakfast and still have time to glow in the sunlight! Oh, I know I did, for so many times, and always wondered how come they had so much time for these things. A healthy breakfast, especially the one they used to have, would go around $200 every day. I know it sounds crazy to you, although let me tell you there are some great alternatives you could use to make your life luxurious and healthy! All you need is a bit of information and attention to the next few lines – they are all on a budget!


Orange Juice

I know you have seen it for so many times now and said it is a luxury masterpiece – it is, definitely, for your organism – but not for your pocket, too. All you need are some oranges, a blender and your every morning will be a fresh start to hit the day in a prolific way! Nothing is better than the Vitamine C you get from a fresh orange juice. Who is with me?



Believe it or not, having toast for breakfast makes your day from the very beginnging with a sense. All you need is a bit of time, like 1-2 minutes everyday to start doing and preparing what you need to have through the day. Also, you can put it and wrap it up for your entire day at work. In addition, it would give you the proteins needed and other substances your body would need – and on top of that – is on budget! You would not have why to pay an arm and a leg on it, not at all.

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Now, something sweet for the breakfast, why not? Waffles makes the perfect choice when in need for something on a hurry, on a budget and on top of that, super tasty! Every morning you wish to make your eating habit sattisfied, that is the right thing to do – start combining all the rest of the things you got for the breakfast with these great waffles that would make your mouth extremely happy and your stomach love you! They are all affordable and since you can have them at a special package, you can buy one that would go for the entire week.


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