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Are you always eager to see new places? Do you want to be able to travel abroad more often, yet unfortunately the financial aspect is quite harsh when it comes to such investments? Well, as far as we know, accommodation is by far one of the most expensive factors that come into our minds. Believe it or not, we still can see many people traveling abroad with little money – but how do they do it? In case you are wondering and wishing to find out the same answer as we do, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines to get a better image over some of the best ways to get free accommodation while being abroad – yes, you heard that right, free accommodation!


Couch Surfing
If you are like me, you might be wondering the very same question – what does that mean in a way that could help me earn money while being abroad? Well, couch surfing is a great way of naming those people who are searching for ways to get free accommodation, in a not-so-common way. For instance, they tend to sleep in a housekeeper’s house and offers to do the dishes in return of a night spent in there.


House sitting

Yes, this is basically one of the easiest ways to travel abroad without having to pay any accommodation. This is easy, safe and cheap, since you don’t have why to open your wallet for a bed in which to sleep – that’s a win-win situation, since once you sleep in a housekeeper’s home, you are quite obliged to ask him come to sleep at you in return. By this way, both of you win and both of you are willing to save some great money – on food, too, since the food you buy is eaten by them as well, and vice versa.

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At first, this sounded a bit freaky to me – if I am out abroad, in a holiday, which equals spending some quality and free time for myself, why would volunteering be an option for me since I am not there to spend a single second working? Well, volunteering abroad is not necessarily working, not necessarily something that would make you spend your whole time doing something instead of what you aimed. Volunteering abroad means combining work with pleasure, your best hobby in such a  way that you can do some work and still get advantage of everything that is around you.



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