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Companies of all shapes and sizes often have in-house IT support teams. Well, they used to! Nowadays, they tend to outsource their technical support needs to third-party providers.

There was once a time where businesses thought they had to keep technical staff on-site. As you can imagine, they spent lots of money hiring those people and finding them a place in the office.

It would seem those days are a distant memory. So, why is it that in-house IT support teams will soon become extinct? Here are a few reasons that give some insight into this topic:

Most problems can get solved with a remote connection

It may not surprise you to learn that most IT problems are to do with software issues. When an employee raises such an issue, they must wait for an IT person to visit them and check their system. But when you outsource your IT support, there is no waiting around.

A technician can connect to your computer via an Internet connection within seconds. They can then use the system as if they were sat in front of it. The beauty of such technology is that connections can get made from any corner of the globe!

Companies can save a fortune on their support costs

What some people don’t realize is that hiring people to work for you is expensive. Aside from salary costs, you’ve also got insurance and pension plans to consider. And you’ll have to pay them even if they’re on holiday or are off sick.

With outsourced IT support firms, there are no such problems. You only pay for the services you use and the times they get used. There are no HR-related costs to bear. That means you’ll have more capital to help you grow your business.

You don’t have to worry about training

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A big expense of hiring staff is paying for them to get the right training and qualifications. IT support staff are expensive in that respect. Industry qualifications usually equate to four or even five-figure fees.

Outsourced IT providers take care of such costs. You’ll always get help from the most experienced and qualified people in the industry.

You can trust an outsourced provider to give you advice

Sometimes there will be a desire to expand your IT systems to evolve with the needs of the business. In other times, you may want to upgrade some software to meet compliance rules.

Who can you turn to if you want the best advice? In-house IT staff might not always be in the best position to give you the answers. Outsourced IT support is a different story. Because providers hire hundreds of professionals, you’ll always get the best advice. Their staff are specialists in many niche industries.

Can one say the same about their in-house IT support staff? It’s doubtful.

Final thoughts

There was once a time where in-house technical support staff were a must-have for any firm. Nowadays, outsourced staff can provide better help with lower costs. It’s worth considering outsourced IT support for your business.

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