According to the latest analysis many people who work full time wouldn’t have problems with earning if they would lose their job suddenly. First two places on the list of best part time jobs are reserved for programmers and management analysts.

While management analysts can help a lot in efficiency of some organization, programmers are taking over the job market more and more. According to this analysis they have excellent hourly rate even if they work part-time, because their rate is around $36 per hour.

Network administrators are third on the list of part-time jobs of 2015, and their rate is almost $35 per hour.

To confirm that working from home is still popular, confirms the fact that in US alone in January this year there were 27 million hired part time workers. There are more and more jobs that can be part-time, and income is not small.

1. Management Analyst (Median hourly wage: $37.79)

2. Computer Programmer (Median hourly wage: $35,71)

3. Network and Computer Systems Administrator (Median hourly wage: $34.88)

4. Accountant (Median hourly wage: $30.55)

5. Market Research Analyst (Median hourly wage: $28.99)

6. Writer/Author (Median hourly wage: $26.89)

7. Graphic Designer (Median hourly wage: $21.22)

8. Proofreader (Median hourly wage: $15.93)

9. Delivery Truck Driver (Median hourly wage: $13.23)

10. Material Movers (Median hourly wage: $11.04)