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Since before the medieval ages, kings, queens, merchants and people of wealth have been using the services of a concierge. Their principle duty was to run errands, which allowed their employers to conduct important business. Although this one-to-one relationship has changed over the centuries, there still remains the necessity for concierges. Hence so many hotels, clubs and travel companies offer these services to their guests.

But in today’s world when time is of absolute essence and people are busier than ever the services provided by a concierge can be invaluable. Consider the scenario where you’re going on a holiday. There are plenty of things to worry about: who is going to water the plants in your absence, who will look after the dog if you don’t take it with you, what about that all-important package that your lawyer will be sending you, and many more. Bring in a concierge to house-sit and these worries will vanish in a moment.

Concierges are professional and highly trained people. They will be able to satisfy your any demand from shopping for grocery to booking a concert to sourcing rare Italian cheeses. In today’s internet-age you could find a concierge on the web who would charge very little and perform a variety of chores. But the majority of these people are not trained and possibly don’t know the area they have to work in very well.

The more reliable option to hire a concierge is through a reputable concierge services company or property search agents who provide an additional concierge facility. The consultants from such organisations are more likely to have an in-depth knowledge of major cities, like London: from West End theaters to vintage jewelry stores. These individuals are flexible, patient, positive, and possess great administration and organisation quality. This article explores the benefits of hiring a concierge.

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You may have been waiting to take a trip down the Amazon with your family for many years but are aware of the many logistics that need to be considered for such a trip, much less the booking of the flight tickets, arranging accommodation, and talking to tour operators. Or you may have promised your wife a painting for your wedding anniversary, but you need to travel to New York for that.

Although not the most difficult of tasks, these can be very inconvenient for you and may require you to take time off work. But these jobs can be easily accomplished by a concierge with attention to detail and within the given time frame. A good concierge can plan itineraries for holidays, book tickets for a popular concert, make reservations at sought-after restaurants at short notices, and much more. This allows you to look forward to your events and enjoy them without the worry of organising them.

Save Time

You can do what you want by hiring a concierge to do what you need to. There are always chores and tasks that have to be done, such as car servicing, grocery shopping, trips to the bank which can all be delegated to a concierge, while you get to spend quality time with your family. A good concierge can make extra hours in the day for you by assisting you in crossing off all those items on your to-do list, while you take your children out for a film.

Increased Productivity

By delegating the minor tasks of a big project to a concierge you can increase your productivity manifolds. For instance, if you’re planning to restore an old family home a concierge can help you by arranging planning permission, obtaining bids from different contractors, sourcing builders, etc. This would enable you to focus on the more important parts of the project.

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Lifestyle Management

A concierge can be a personal assistant, a household manager, a courier, a personal shopper and many other such roles, enabling you to not only manage but enjoy your lifestyle better. It’s your niece’s birthday next week? Give your concierge the address and date of birth and she will receive a lovely present. You had a big party over the weekend but the rug is dirty? Call the concierge and she will have it cleaned. You have had a tiring week and want to spend the weekend at a spa? Even with a short notice a concierge can book you into some of the top spas of the country. These and many more lifestyle services, like relocation, maintenance, specialty brand shopping, etc. can be easily provided by a concierge, making your life less hectic.

Better Health

Delegating irksome chores to a concierge can relieve a lot of stress. Instead of wasting time running errands you can spend quality time with your family. This allows for a happier lifestyle and better health.

Emergency Support

You can always call a concierge in emergency situations. This could be anything from childcare while you need to go to the hospital to sourcing a pair of shoes for the bride on her wedding day. A good concierge would not only be able to work well under pressure but would also have the necessary contacts to be able to source most things that you may be in need of.

Not everyone has the need for a concierge. Some people prefer to do things by themselves. But if you are finding yourself increasingly having to cancel family outings on weekends to complete chores, unable to take holidays because you don’t have the time to organise one, picking dry-cleaning during work then a concierge service will benefit and improve your quality of life.

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A concierge can give you your health back by taking away the stress of all those little tasks that add up on the “To do??? list and never go away. Above all, you could make the most wonderful and fantastical request, and not only will a concierge complete it, but will also maintain anonymity and confidentiality.


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