Image courtesy of Tania & Artur
Image courtesy of Tania & Artur

There has been a big revival in home baking, partly to do with cookery programmes on television such as bake off and also because people are looking to making more food from scratch so that they know what has gone into it. It can be great fun to bake, but it can actually work out a lot more expensive than buying baked goods from the supermarket. This means that it can be necessary to budget when you are baking.

It is therefore sensible to compare prices on ingredients. You may feel that certain items you are not prepared to pay less for, but you will find little difference in quality between butter, sugar and flour whether you pay a lot or a little. You may want to pay more for your flavourings to make them more real, perhaps for better eggs as they do influence the flavour and dried fruit, chocolate etc. can make a difference too.

It is also good to look for offers in supermarkets. Often when a baking show comes on the television there will be a big demand for baking ingredients. This may lead to some supermarkets reducing the prices of their baked goods and you can take advantage by stocking up while they are cheap. Do not forget to look for any vouchers, perhaps in magazines or spend loyalty points to keep costs down too.

It can be wise to only bake occasionally. Change a more regular consumption of shop bought baked goods to a less frequent consumption of homemade ones. You will get a better quality product, made to your specific taste, but less often. This should help your waistline and general health as well as your pocket.

If you use the oven, then you will find that it can take a lot of electricity, so try to be efficient. If there is space in the oven, pop something else in as well. Perhaps roast some vegetables or bake potatoes and make use of that oven heat. Remember that you can usually turn the oven off early and the residual heat will continue to cook what is inside without you having to keep paying for the electricity.

Do not consume your baked goods as snacks but as part of a meal. This will mean that you can make a smaller meal and therefore save money on food that way. So if you have some cake, then have it as pudding at lunchtime but just has a salad without a sandwich with it, to reduce the cost. You will also consume less food which will help you not to put on so much weight.

All of these tips are only small ways to save money. It is possible that it will still be cheaper to buy baked goods than make them, particularly low quality items. You will need to decide whether you feel that it is worth baking yourself. Whether you enjoy it a lot and whether you prefer the homemade items over those purchased from a shop.