Working from home can be much better, more productive and cosily once you decorate your home office or space where you work.

After all, you spend most of the day in that space surrounded with walls and doing the work that is crucial for your income.

Everybody has different styles and different things that motivate them, it can be anything from simple chair, wall color or paintings on the wall.

When someone say “decoration” everyone thinks that it need to be expensive, but that’s not true.

Most of the decorations are very cheap, you can do it by yourself and they bring huge change in your mood and even inspire you to work more.

I know when I bought one painting, it inspired me so much that I felt like I can work whole week without rest.

If you are not sure that you can decorate your home office on your own, then finding professional is the best solution.

Don’t always decorate your work space with things that you love and know about. Add something that is fascinating and represent some kind of mystery for you. It will keep your brain from going lazy and bored.

I found some great pictures on different websites, I didn’t collect only one that I like but ones that I don’t like too, which will be interesting for someone else.

it’s always good to start decorating from the space or thing that you value and use the most of your time, bring them to life gain with different color, texture or surrounding.

Let’s start with home office decorations, hope you will find some that can give you some ideas and inspire you.

Traditional Home Office Design Pictures

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Modern Home Office Design Pictures

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Hope these pictures will inspire you and make your work from home job even more profitable and better.

There are so many more Ideas that you can apply and design your home office, maybe you have some new ideas, tell me about them in the comments.