Are you a woman? Good. Are you independent or just wish to make some savings? Very well. Sharing the same interests of all women seems to be the key to making our lives spectacular. Still, regardless of the independent level, every woman needs to take care of herself – either on the psyhical and the physical level. In case you wish to know just how, as a woman, you can save money on yourself and thus, break the spending habit tabu of a woman, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines!


Mani & Pedi Home

There is nothing more ugly in a woman than having her manicure broke or done in a wrong way. People, especially men have this tendency of looking there in the first place, reason why your manicure and pedicure make no exception! Still, you can save lots and lots of money by doing them home instead of going to the salon. The only thing you need to do it to watch some tutorials (and trust me, there are hundreds from which to choose online) and some materials that cost less that $30 – for the entire year!


Waxing – Home Care

Are you pissed off for the hundreds of dollars you get to spend every two weeks on waxing at the saloon? Me too. This is why home waxing turns out to be a more economic thing you could do – and on top of that, you can do that anytime of the day, without having to stick to someone’s schedule in order to look and feel pretty. We all know there are days in our life in which it gets us unexpected and we need to do it in the same day. And also, most of the time we don’t get to book a place when we want, just days after. And a party can’t wait for us to go to the saloon three days later!

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Dying your Hair

People spend so much money on dying their hair! When I firstly see how it is done, I immediately start to wonder why would it be so hard to do that even on myself, by myself. And it worked. You can make it home, either by yourself or asking for some help of a friend. Thus, no useless money are being spent on things like that, at any time – but saves! And we are talking about hundreds of dollars in here.


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