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Big data isn’t something you’re necessarily going to be worrying about when you’re a small business. While large companies might have vast quantities of information to store and process, you may only ever need a couple of hard drives’ worth of data. This however, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ignore the potential of cloud computing. While it’s certainly of benefit to companies that need to be able to access huge amounts of data without sending it from place to place, it’s also of use to you as a small business owner, in virtually whatever industry you might work in.

Securing Your Sensitive Data

Security is going to be a major concern for you, because while you might not have a lot of data, it’s still important to you. There are very few small businesses these days that do not rely on electronic information of some kind, and the loss of it could well be disastrous. Whether it’s sensitive client details, or a record of all of your stock and transactions, a failed hard drive might set you back lots of time and money.

In a worst case scenario, theft might even be more damaging, especially if there’s a breach of data security regulations. This is why you should ensure that everything is also kept in the cloud as a form of backup. It’s very simple too – in most cases the transfer of data will happen automatically, and certain cloud services actually mean that you directly edit things in the cloud – you never need to physically keep the files and documents.

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Information Anywhere, Anytime

This brings us on to the other benefit that many small businesses will like, and that’s the flexibility of having access to everything you need remotely. When you leave the office, leave home, or go out in your van, you’ll have your smartphone or tablet with you, and in most cases this is all you’ll need to get your hands on all of your files. You don’t need to carry your laptop or hard drive with you, and you don’t need much storage space on the smartphone or tablet itself. Very convenient indeed.

Actually getting set up is quite easy. Find a decent provider such as Landmark, and they’ll be able to help you get everything transferred over and show you how to make cloud computing a part of everyday work.


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