Nowadays, politeness is an aspect less and less found in every country. In reality, people are being fake and at the end of the day, they usually have a breakout just because they can’t take it anymore. It gets frustrating when something is not done with your soul, and this is exactly why politeness is not an advantage for anyone if not being done through the heart. Yet, when done correctly, politeness turns into a special way to make you free, self-sattisfied and even rich. In case you wish to know why and how it might end up as a great way to go up on the stairs of life, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines – politeness is always worth it.


People Will Love You

Probably something you already know, people enjoy and love it so much when other people are well-behaved one with eachother – especially with them. And it is totally understandable, since there is nothing better than hearing a beautiful word everyday from someone you don’t know (or you know too well). Now, thinking about your work place, tell me how your boss treates the one he likes more – and let’s see why does he do that – maily because those people treat him nice, in a polite way.


Fake it Until you Make it

Yes, this is something you should follow in a lifetime if you want your life to be simple, easy and totally worth living. Now, in order to make it happen, to be polite from the core of your soul, you need to practice it – this is what one would say by faking it, and it is totally understandable and a great advice to take up. By experimenting your life to the fullest and develop your polite aspect, you will definitely turn up to one day, make it from the core of your soul – and not having to fake it, for a moment.

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Asertiveness is Part of it

The art of being polite does not go far from knowing how to be asertive. It is the joy of life, to know how to deal with others in a way they will always end up doing what you want without them even realising it. Thus, politeness is the same thing used now, but when linked to asertiveness, the outcome is more than the one expected.


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