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For small businesses, cutting costs is an essential part of turning a profit. Small businesses usually don’t generate the same income as larger companies, and therefore can’t rely on revenue to help mitigate expenses. Cutting back is not only prudent, but will allow you to continue to invest in the expansion of your company.

One of the ways in which costs can be reduced is through postage. This is actually one of the main areas in which small businesses are liable to suffer financially, as they are less likely to be able to save money by posting and shipping in bulk.

Rising Prices for Royal Mail

The concerns that many small business owners have with regards to business postage have been further compounded by the rising costs of Royal Mail stamps. These price increases have not only affected individuals, but the many professionals who have long relied on the Royal Mail to handle their company’s postal needs. As a result, many business owners have begun to turn away from this service.

Shopping Around for Postage

One of the smartest things any small business owner can do is shop around for their service providers; this includes postage, both domestic and international. According to This is Money, finding an alternative to the Royal Mail can save an individual or company up to £85 – a considerable amount of money if compounded over time.

Be Direct With Your Customers

Being frank with your customers about postage costs may well help your business in more ways than one. By giving them realistic expectations about how much they may be required to pay and wait for a particular delivery service. Once these policies are set, make sure they are implemented across the board.

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Invest in a Postage Meter

Investing in a postage meter of your own can potentially save businesses up to 20% on their postage costs. In addition, doing so will eliminate the need for your staff to wait in line to get an estimate on delivery costs.

Practical Concerns

Of course, it’s all very well and good to save money but when you’re shopping around for your new provider you should also make sure that they are able to offer you the reliable service you require. For example, providers such as TNT Direct give customers the option of tracking their parcels with or without an express account, as well as later collection times for added convenience. This kind of service can be invaluable to a business owner who needs to send a parcel outside of regular office hours.

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