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Have you ever wondered how can one simply save money while staying with another person? Would you like to know whether or not it is possible, and what possible ways can there be just for such a thing to be fulfilled? Well, whether or not you are still in college or just started working but have decied to go for a roommate, here are our tips on how can you save money with your roommate in a matter or days. Make sure to stick with us and keep on reading to find more regarding the subject!


Open a HouseHold Money Jar

Probably overdated, probably not used anymore – trust me, it is. And it is also the very best way to save some money that you can turn into money for bills or anything else you want to. Instead of leaving the change on the table at the market, or not taking it at all, what would you say about taking it just in order to place it carefullt in the money jar? Trust me, it works better.


Close the closet

By this way, especially during the winter, the heat won’t go in useless places such as in the closet. When you leave it open, the heat goes in there too so you will end up paying more for useless places.


Buy In Bulk

When you are staying with someone, such as a roommate, it is imperative to take advantage of the possibilities you get to save lots of money. One of them would be buying in bulk – each Friday, go and make your shoppings with your roommate and start sharing by buying in bulk. By this way, you will not have why to buy the 24-hours before milk on which you usually pay double!

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Cook in Shifts

Now, does it appeal to you? It should, because cooking at home is healthier and so cheaper. During the time you and your roommate stay together, both of you could start cooking and so, split the cooking days. One is for you, whereas the other day will be his turn to cook dinner!


Grow Herbs

I know they are not so expensive – especially because we don’t buy them everyday and when we do, they have quite a low price. But by making a sum of it, you’ll just see what are the money I’m dealing with. Growing herbs at home is a simple way to always have them next to you and also, as a bonus, to save money!


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