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You have probably heard of Warren Buffet, as he is one of the most famous billionaires on the globe today. And he has a pretty good reason why he is a billionaire. He is a very capable man, but before becoming that he was extremely capable kid and young boy. Did you know he has earned $53 000 by the time he was sixteen? So here are a few steps on how he has achieved that.

1. Warren Buffet has been selling soda pop and chewing gum

When he was only six, Warren Buffet has made his first sale. He was selling packs of chewing gum, after that he has moved on selling cartons of Coca-Cola.

2. He has delivered newspaper

While he was young like many boys his age Warren Buffet has been delivering newspapers. But what made him stand out that he was delivering newspapers on the same routes for two rival newspapers. So he maxed out his time spent on these routes.

3. He was selling golf balls.

With his mate Stu Erickson he has been selling used golf balls on the Elmwood Park golf course. The cops got onto them, and they got in trouble, however Warren had awesome parents that were proud of their son’s ambition.

4. He has been selling peanuts and popcorn at football matches

He was an avid salesman of peanuts and popcorn at football matches by shouting: “Peanuts, popcorn, five cents, a nickel, half dime, fifth of a quarter, get your peanuts and popcorn here!???

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5. He has been selling stamps.

He has created a business called Buffet’s Approval Service that has been offering stamps to the out of the state collectors.

6. He has been making money off pinball machines.

He has bought a broken pinball machine for 25 bucks, and he took it to his friend Don Danly to fix it. Then they started a company called Wilson’s Coin-Operated Machine Company. Then they have asked a local barber to put the machine at the back of his shop and then split money 50-50 with him. In just one day customers at barber shop have spent $4. In just a week, Warren has had enough money to buy more pinball machines. He put more pinball machines in other neighborhood barber shops. He started building a small empire before he could even drive a car.

7.  Warren Buffet has been making money at the horse racing tracking, but he wasn’t gambling!

Warren and his friend Bob Rusell were too young to bet on horses, but they were old enough to clean them. They have been browsing for discarded tickets that might be worth some cash. Here is how Buffet described this time in his own words:

“They called that ‘stooping.’ At the start of the racing season, you get all these people who’d never seen a race except in the movies. And they’d think that if your horse came in second or third, you didn’t get paid, because the emphasis was on the winner, so they’d throw away place and show tickets. The other time you’d hit it big was when there was a disputed race.  By that time, people had thrown away their tickets. Meanwhile, we were just gobbling them up.???

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