Small number of people have chance in becoming millionaires. The reason is that they don’t know that the chance for acquiring millions depends only on their mentality.

In 2013 there were 12 million millionaires in the world, and most of them has created their wealth by themselves.

For example, Oprah, whose fortune is estimated at 3 billion dollars comes from poor, rural area. Howard Schultz, president and CEO of Starbucks has grew up in Brooklyn. His net worth is now 2.5 billion.

It is not possible, not to ask a question “How did they do it?”. What differs them from many other people in the world?

Here are a few examples of how millionaires think differently then the other people.

1. Millionaires believe that you have to be somebody who will get rich. Average people think they have to do something in order to get rich. Regular folks focus on results of their actions. Rich people are focused on learning and growth from every experience. Founder of IKEA has pointed out that only those who sleep don’t make mistakes.

2. In order for you to be comfortable, you have to be uncomfortable at times. That is a small price to pay in order to live the dream. Physical, psychological and emotional comfort is the primary goal of middle class, while world class realizes early that it isn’t easy to become a millionaire.

3. Rich people focus to earn more, while average people focus on keeping the money they earned.

4. Millionaires see money as a positive thing, while average people see it as a root of all evil. Rich people believe that money can solve problems, while middle class thinks money is only a necessary part of life.

5. Low expectations aren’t on a daily plan of a millionaire.

7. Rich people follow their passion. One of the smartest strategies of world class is do what you love, and find a way to get payed for that.

8. Millionaires believe that being rich is their god given right. Middle class thinks that being rich is based on privilege and luck. Millionaires believe in forging their own luck. They know whether they have something to offer to the world.