Mobile technology is very much the thing to have at the moment and that is why there is not only a growing amount of hardware but also software applications;  known as apps. Anyone can write an app and put it up for sale or give it away and some people manage to make lots of money doing this.

How to Charge for an App
Apps work in different ways and it is worth understanding the differences. Some apps you have to buy and therefore the person who writes it will get a payment from this. However, there are many free apps, but no one would write one for free, would they? Well a few people would, but most free apps have other ways that they can charge people for money. Some have advertising in them and you may be able to pay to have a version without advertising in it or they will get revenue from those advertisers. Some apps have a basic version and you can pay for a better one. Some apps will have paid for features. This is often the case with games when you can pay for extra lives or use real money to buy things in the game.

The way that you decide to make money from your app will very much depend on the type of app that it is. You will need to consider who your market is and whether they will be willing to pay. Think about how they would want to pay and also whether you will make more money from in app purchases if you give the app away for free or whether advertising would be a better way to make money or just charging outright for the app. Check out whether there are similar apps available and how they do things. Read their reviews to find out what their customers are saying.

How to Make Money From an App
It is great deciding how you want to charge for your app, but you will still have to persuade your customers to part with their money. If you have a trusted brand, this will be a lot easier, but many people do not. If you have not built up a reputation, then it is wise to try to do so through marketing your app, but in the meantime you could run some adverts in it to make money if you can find some advertisers or you could develop a better version which you charge for. Then people can try for free and if they like it they can buy to get a better version. You may also consider in app purchases, but this depend on the type of app that you have.

You will need to expect that the app will not make much money to start with. However, if you get some positive reviews then this will hopefully help you to get more interest and a higher likelihood of getting more and more people interested. You will also need to spread the word in other ways, perhaps on social media, via a website or using other forms of promotion so that you can get more people interested.