Day Trading is something which can be very variable. This means that the money that you can make for it will vary a lot as well. There are a lot of variables which can affect how much money you make and so it is not easy to put down a certain figure as to how much that will be.

Day Trading for a Company
If you are working for a company in the field of day trading then you could make up to $576,000 but this is just the very highest earners in the field. Most would be a lot lower, perhaps averaging around $90,000 but this is still above the national average. If you do this sort of job the company would probably provide some training and then give you a base salary which you could top up with a bonus. This would happen if you were making good profits form the day trading that you would be doing. However, there is a risk because if you do not perform well you may end up losing your job and you will only get 10-30% of the profits form the trades that you are making. This means that you will not be getting a good return on your hard work, but you do have the security of a base salary which could not only get you some stability but will also help if you are looking to get a mortgage or anything like that and having a regular salary should really help you with that.

Day Trading for Private Trading Firms
A private trading company is a bit different as it is not as large. It can be much harder to get information though about the salaries you might expect for working for a company like this. Working for either type of company has advantages such as the salary, benefits, no risk of your own money but you have to work with the team you are put in and will not get all of the profits that you make through your trades. It is not a place for a poor trader either as if you do not perform well enough you will just get the sack.

Day Trading for a Prop Firm
This is slightly different as although you will get some training on the company’s systems you will not get paid time off, bonuses or a base salary. You will be expected to deposit your own money.  This means that there is an element of risk but you will get low commission rates, have no boss and split your profits with the company. There is the potential to earn more but it will very much depend on your skill.

Day Trading for Yourself
Working for yourself means that you get to keep all of the profits which could potentially mean that you will earn more money. However, there is a lot of risk. You will need a decent amount of money to start trading with and there will be nothing to protect you if you do not make a profit. With no guaranteed income, you could end up feeling insecure and even if you work longer and harder there is no guarantee that you will see an increase in returns. It is very hard to even be able to estimate how much money you could make, it will all depend on your skill, how much money you have available to invest and how lucky you are.