There are many successful companies that make money and we might look at them and wonder how they manage to do it. Instacart is one of these companies that is running successfully and we may wonder how they manage to make such a good success of the company. All companies have to do similar things to make sure that they grow and are successful.
Find a gap in the market
All businesses need to find a gap in the market that they can fit into. This could be by providing something completely new or something that is a little bit different to what other people are doing. Perhaps by doing something better or cheaper than others are doing so that people will have a reason for choosing them over someone else. Instacart appeals to people who like to shop locally but for some reason find that this is not convenient to them.
Price competitively
It will be really important to set prices at the right level. Obviously it needs to be a level which will cover the costs and make a profit, but it needs to be low enough that customers will pay it. With some products a slightly higher price will be more attractive to customers as it will imply quality and so it is really important to make sure that you get it exactly right. Instacart is careful to make sure that they therefore price in a way that their customers will trust but also be able to afford and will allow them to be competitive.
Have some good deals
When first starting out it can be a good idea to offer some good deals to attract new customers, perhaps something for a first time customer or just an opening deal, to pull people in. Instacart has free delivery on the first order to do just this.
Good marketing
Marketing strategies have changed a lot lately as social media now plays a huge part. Having a website is not good enough anymore as many companies now take advantage of the fact that so many people use social media and appeal to them there. Instacart will be aware of this and wil be carefully targeting their advertising.

Instacart themselves offer a delivery service. They will collect groceries form your local store and deliver them to you. This means that if you cannot shop, either due to work commitments or mobility issues or you just would rather pay someone to shop for you, then they can help. Their charges will cover the cost of the employees that do the shopping and the administration as well as the transportation and there will be some added on to cover the running costs of the business as well. To make sure that they keep getting new customers they will advertise and make sure that they keep reminding people who they are and how they can help them so that they can use them if they want to. They will also make sure that they keep note of what their competitors are doing so that they can keep competitive, make sure that they do not lose customers to them for whatever reason.