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Ah, that heavenly money making tool called “Adsense” everyone heard about it, everyone tried it, but only couple of people made it work.
Why? Probably because they didn’t skipped these baby steps I’m about to tell you.

You can’t just add Adsense code to your website and expect it to work like magic you see in the Harry Potter movies. Some of these steps need to be made in order to make money using Adsense.

They are so so easy and so obvious that anyone who read this can implement them, and start making more money with adsense. But that’s how the life works, something so obvious and small is always something that brings the greatest value in our life.

Financial Freedom with Adsense

I know that many people don’t like Adsense, they are telling us to remove them from our websites or blogs, because we need to look more professional. Well know what? I’m doing my job the best I can and will continue to do it even better if it’s possible. And no Adsense or affiliate code will change that or influence my professionalism in any way.

If you think that some ad will ruin my professionalism, then you should leave right now. If you judge book by it’s covers, only you will miss opportunity and a chance to learn a lot.

We all need to give something that have value for others, Google did that by giving a chance to millions of people all around the globe to make money online and to change their lives on better. Google did this by giving us the Adsense and giving people with products and business the chance to market their products and businesses. Use Adsense smart and get your financial freedom.

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How I Increased my Adsense Earnings and How You Can do it Too!

I will tell you how much money Adsense did made me daily before the steps, and how much it’s making right now, but just from this blog.

Blend Your Ad With The Background

Many people make this mistake, they just put the code and then start refreshing Adsense page in order to see the money pouring in, but money never shows. Because they don’t blend the ad with the background. People will not click on the ad if your content color is red for example, and your ad color is green. Why? The answer is simple, they know that it’s the ad and they just go the other way and you don’t make a single cent.

Here is the example of my ad on the home page:



And as you can see, the ads are textual and blended with the articles on the page, same color like the post title and same description color like the body of the post. These are so obvious but again very useful for increasing your adsense income.

Position Your Adsense On Right Place! 

Position is very crucial, you don’t want to place your ad somewhere at the bottom of your website or blog, where people will not notice it.
I found it very useful to post my ads on the center of the home page and before and after the content. These places have worked for me very well, also I had a lot of success with ad in the sidebar.

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One more crucial advice, don’t put too many ads in or around your post, you will make your visitors angry and ruin your user experience. People need to have the freedom and space while browsing through your post, if they are interested  for what you have to offer and they found it helpful, they will click on their own.

I Used The Right Format!

I must say that I hit the bullseye with this one, wherever I go, people seem to use the 300×250 picture Ad, but not me.
The reason is that people also figure out that it’s the ad they are looking at and they never click. Just imagine yourself going to two websites and seeing the same ad format on the same place, on the third website you would probably just turn around and avoid the ad.

Don’t use too much picture ads, picture is for sure more interesting than text, but picture will stuck more in the eye and someone who knows it’s the ad will just skip that part of the website. While the text brings human brain to question ” what this sentence means” and by the time he/she figures out it’s the ad, the click is generated and you made your dollar. I know it’s cheesy, but people will not get hurt by clicking and you will benefit a little, at the end the value is the most important thing and when that is achieved, all this becomes a win win situation.

That’s why I recommend you to use textual Leaderboard (728 x 90) ad, right before and after your valuable content.

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It looks like this:

Test your position, test your format and test the look of your ad, I do this from time to time. Because every theme and content is different and requires tweaking, but at the end these steps will help you make more money with Adsense if followed right.

Here are quick screenshots from my earnings before and after applying these steps, I covered some parts because we must follow Adsense TOS all the time, you don’t want to get your account banned.

Before: as you can see I was barely making $2 dollars at some days and sometimes it was even worse.


But After: as you can see, here is the different story, my earnings increased and I’m making around $3.5 a day. Now Imagine if you would have 10 blogs or more and apply these steps and do more testing.


Thanks for reading, hope this post will help you in finding out the best way to make more money with Adsense, at the end it’s all about providing the value for others. If you have some more suggestions, leave a comment and share with others.


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