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I had been planning on buying a newer and larger flat screen television for the bedroom. The television I had before was a rather measley 22″ and was bought in a supermarket a few years back. My wife has gone to working part time from full time which means she has much more time on her hands, much of which is spent in front of the television in the living room leaving me and my PS3 relegated to the bedroom.

I had put some money aside for a couple of months then searched online for the biggest and best television I could find. I settled on an1080p LG set with integrated free-view not the most expensive or flashiest model, but certainly good enough and should suitably dominate the bedroom.

My wife got a bank statement from our joint current account, noticed the extra money (I had saved) and decided to splash out a few days later on a brand new iPad, costing far more than my television had. So having saved and spent a couple of hundred pounds we were down about five hundred! Perhaps I should have told her what I was doing, and perhaps she should have told me what she was doing, regardless, what is done is done.

Bad luck comes in threes they say. An uninsured driver wrote my car off by driving into the back of it, it was clear that any resolution would take longer than I could survive without a car. The problem I had was the money available in my current account wasn’t going to get me very much of a car.

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“Sell your laptop” was my wife’s response to the situation.

“Why don’t you take your iPad back?” I asked “Why don’t you sell your iPad?” she replied; and I suppose she had a point.

I was going to have to sell my laptop, so I whacked a few words into a search engine and found a huge range of websites offering to buy used iPads, iPods, iPhones and laptops. I spend some time checking the various sites and learnt that there were huge discrepancies in what was being offered and a few websites that I suspected I would never hear from again if I sent my laptop to them in the post. I decided on a well-known trustworthy company who offered me a good price.

In fact it was so easy I shall be digging out a few more of my older gadgets, I suspect that I won’t get as much for them as I did my laptop but it makes more sense than having them cluttering the place up here and I certainly cannot be bothered with trying to sell it privately. I don’t want strangers turning up to my house asking me hundreds of dumb questions about an inexpensive mp3 player.

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I’m Richard Frances, a technology addict. I often go through lots of gadgets and other tech, which sometimes means having to look to sell laptops, iPods and other kit. When I’m not blogging, I’m usually looking for new technology experiences.

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