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There’s no harm in making a mobile app just for the sake of it, such as these pointless apps here. However, if you’re making an app, usually you want to make some money and/or promote your business behind it. Often, people underestimate the vast power that apps have. Not only do they provide a (hopefully) valuable service to users, there are also many other purposes that apps and their tools can serve.

  1. Market Research

An app is a great way that you and your business can gain valuable intel from your customers. There are a few ways that you can do this. For example, you could attain demographic data by asking users to voluntarily submit their post code, age, gender, or profession. As well as this, you can also obtain insights into the satisfaction levels of your users by asking them questions specific to your app.

A non-intrusive, seamless way to do this is by utilising online survey tools, which allow users to leave feedback about their experience utilising your services. A great case study that proves the effectiveness of these services is Cricket Australia, who have managed to retain an enormous and highly-engaged audience through the use of customer feedback plugins. This has also allowed them to shape their ideal app by the collective judgement of their users.

  1. Promotional Services

It’s a hard truth: if your app isn’t being seen by people, then you aren’t going to make money from it. For this reason, it’s important that you market your app as much as you can, through any channels that are available to you. Press releases, online articles and social media are all great ways that you can push your app to grow.

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It’s important to remember the effectiveness of traditional marketing when it comes to getting your app in front of your target audience, especially if that demographic aren’t generally as prolific online. Magazines, billboards and other such physical marketing tactics are fantastic for gathering interest, even if their initial pricing can dissuade some smaller businesses.


Furthermore, this sort of promotion has a twofold effect, as it markets both your app and, by association, your business as well. Contact journalists, bloggers, social media users – anyone who will listen – who will trial your app and/or post about it. There’s no such thing as too much publicity!

  1. Advertising

If you publish an app, you can also make money through ad revenue whilst still offering the entirety of your app for free. AdtoApp offers programmatic advertising by using multiple networks. This means that there is better target advertising which means high return rates on click-throughs, regardless of your region. As with most app plugins, it is simple to implement. You just paste some code into your app, which doesn’t slow load times and is immediately functional.

So, you’ve come up with a great app idea, or maybe you already have an app up and running.

What’s the next step? How can you use this platform to serve your business in as many ways as possible? Not only are apps a beautiful creation that serves the user, but they are a medium to gain valuable marketing intel, a way that you can promote your business, as well as a platform to make money via targeted advertising. The opportunities are endless!

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