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Having a house is one of the most common dreams any newly weds share. Bright light, big rooms, a place full of intimacy and one just for them two, all of these and many more reasons are there to complete the entire wish. Still, some of us have been lucky or smart enough to pay for it in advance, while they were not married (or managed to save up some great amounts of money for such a moment), whereas the rest of us are struggling to pay a house our entire lives. Regardless of the category in which you find yourself into, the State PM team says there’s one question that stands out, no matter what – if you were to sell your house, when would it be the best moment to do so? These being said, in case you are looking forward to knowing more concerning the subject, make sure to stick with us and keep an eye onto the following lines in order to see how long should you own a house before you sell it!

  1. The 5 Year Plan

As soon as you look up online, any real estate site would tell you that you have to stay for as long as 5 years in a house before selling it. There are many reasons why this is legit – starting with the legal ones, which say us that before you sell anything that you have contracted the bank for, you need to stay in there for at least 5 years – then you can leave and get your money back. On the other hand, it is also psychologically – just think how great it is for you to own this 5 year plan, since a house can be called like that (and totally worth it) when you got plenty of time for you to take advantage of every corner and every hidden part that you can discover – from place to place.

  1. Keep An Eye Onto the Estate Market
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Whenever you wish to sell your house, remember that you ought to keep an eye onto the estate market. Comparing the price you paid with the price that you can get on it is one of the best ways to see whether the moment is the right one for you. As the market fluctuates, there are little chances that you would get the same money on it – instead, as for these days, you will surely get at least 20% more of it, especially if you are in US or Canada – but Europe makes no exception to the rule. Either way, make sure not to sell your house with a small price, since you will not find one that will beat the price – but most definitely one that has a big price upon.

  1. Do Not Be Fooled By the Times

Deciding when to sell your house is no easy job. Even though today might feel as the right moment, tomorrow may come with a bigger price. It is just like the stock market – today you may win, while tomorrow you might get a bigger number. Still, if you find a right price, do not be fooled by the times – there are various other things that you should consider, such as: the price of the furniture, mortgage, installations and many other aspects that you managed to pay for, in the past.

  1. Find the Right Buyers can get you a fair value for your house without you having to wait for a buyer and go through all the painful process of brokers and realtors etc.

Your home was your house for as long as you lived there. If you want to make things worth it (and not feel bad at the idea that you let your house to some strangers), money should not be the very most important decision-making aspect. Basically, the idea is that you should sell your house to the people that you find to be the most suitable, since they will live there from now on. In order to make your choice easier, take these things into account: see whether or not they will treat the house just like you do (cleaning, laundry etc.), if they would make good neighbors and any other hint question that might come across your mind.

  1. Show the House in the Way that You Would Buy It
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Whenever you want to sell anything (a house or anything at all), you should make sure that it looks flawless – from cleaning to design. The price can go up as soon as you know how to show it to the possible buyers, since everyone is way more attracted by a house that looks like a million bucks. Some of the hints you could use start with: cleaning (100% in every single corner), good lightning, perfume and anything else that comes across your mind. As soon as you get all of these into the right place, you are good to go – and the people are ready to be extremely excited by what you have to sell!



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