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In the steeple-chase-run to reach the Top position, many people forget the basic and essential inclusion, “Team work”! Whether it is sports, education or business, no tycoon has been successful without the support of team work. The sports industry is not an exception, and especially when it has become, an encore of business seeking companies. Have a look around the varied arena of sports, whether it is a custom sports kit manufacturers or health supplement companies, or sponsors or media, all these sectors work as a team of sports industry, seeking profits and the limelight.

A recent study on global sports industry of 2011, estimated the worth of sports industry to be above 600 billion American dollars. Many business companies invest and put stakes in promotion of sports, sports equipments, players, and media coverage. Today sports business has earned a broader image of providing high performance sports and players. All this has been possible with the marketing strategy that unites business and sports together, as a Team.

Result driven team of Sports Industry

Sports kit or equipments have majorly generated business for the sports industry. Today, a custom sport kit provides identity and sponsorship to a club or a complete league. Right from media broadcasts to brand sponsors, all of the major companies are ready to team up with a sports’ group or a club. The interests are mutual, and at the end of the day, it is Money and Progress!

Many reputed sporting kit companies, like Customplanet Adidas, Puma, Nike, Reebok, Asics and others, invest millions of dollars in bringing improved products for professionals, amateurs and sports fan. Almost all sports have earned a reputation and benefits from research and a new introduction of products, year after year. In clear and refined words, “the team of business and sports”, both have gained profits and promotions from each other.

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Sports and Technology pairing for Success

The USP of leading sports brands and other sponsors, Panasonic, Apple, Nokia, Sony, Kodak, Samsung, Cannon for technology and capturing images, has shown the team work towards the promotion of sports globally. In high-tech labs, sport brands and sponsors work closely with senior and experienced athletes as a team in highly technology environment for recording the progress of a sport. These tests and trials brands, like Speedo, Fastskin Racing System, Aqualab and many others, help business companies to make certain changes, and developments for optimal performance, in sports and equipments. All these sophisticated labs and research companies when teaming up with sports kit brands of shoes, sports gear, costumes, will simply deliver absolute performances. In refined words, sport team + business team= Success and growth of sports industry!

The bond of high technology and smart sportswear are the key formula that delivers innovation and results for sports industry. The growth prospects are the main catch for the sport high tech brands, and even non-sports brands tries to grab a slice of profit from sports business. Recently, Nike + iPod custom sport kit has become all time leading hit in sport athletes, and even a normal person, who wish to track their performance on the run. Through this teaming of Nike shoes and iPod users, performance is easily visible during workout sessions. Another example of collaboration of two leading players includes, Apple and sensor smart garment that will hit future sport sales. This technology transfers data, like location, and physiometrics to a digital media player with a server.

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Team sport simply swipes away egocentricity. Team spirit in sports and any business require the 3Ps’, i.e. patience, practice, and persistence performance. These 3Ps’ are fundamental aspects of success. The team work of designing patents and custom sport kit manufacturers is a true combination of commercial success. Sports brands are the center highlight of any sporting event. All eyes on the field and TV, sets on athletes wearing the branded kits, and sponsor logos. The increasing growth of the global sports industry lies in the hand of the relationship between sports team and the business team.


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