Did the thought of opening a blog ever came across your mind? If so, probably the first question that popped up your mind would have been the profit you get by having one. It is normal, absolutely common to think about this aspect – and there’s no wonder why, since so many blogs nowadays managed to get to their owners the kind of life they have always craved for – and trust me, they are not the only ones wishing to travel from one country to another the very other day! Every single one of us are looking forward to having a better life, but owning a blog may give you more than you have ever expected! Let’s see some of the best paid blogs nowadays, to understand the numbers we are talking about comparing with the average ones – sit comfortable in your chair, stick with us and follow the next few lines to get a better view of how much money can a blog earn.


Probably one of the best known blogs from all over the world, Mashable has a monthly income of about $560.000 having as the main income the advertising banners. Once you click on one of them, the click is counted and so, they get money by your views. Of course, the income is ought to be different from one month to another, but for such a massive monthly income, two or more thousands dollars lost today and about to get back tomorrow, there’s not a single need to worry. The owner always has plenty of money to play with, even if this specific month has not been the brightest one.

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Perez Hilton

The next one on the list of the best paid blogs is Perez Hilton. This one comes with a monthly income of about $450.000, not too far from the previous one. Writing about fashion and the real life of the Hollywood stars, this blog managed to find its path and so, nowadays it can be found as being the third on the list of the best paid blogs from all over the world. Pretty impressive, don’t you think so? If you think how they manage to get their money from, the advertising banners work here as good as in any other place! They are known as the main income for the Perez Hilton blog.


The last but not least blog that is mentioned on the list of the best paid blogs online is ShoeMoney, with a monthly income of $30.000. This one comes with a, let’s say, decent payment, but definitely not one to be left aside! Using the private advertising as their main income, this one is perfect to have as motivation.




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