Becoming a surrogate could seem like a really good way to earn some money. You may feel that you are fit and healthy and in the right mental state to be able to carry a child for someone else, however, it is worth thinking hard about doing this before you start.

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UK surrogacy payment myths
There is a myth that it is illegal to pay UK surrogates and this is not correct. As well as covering the costs of expenses, it may be that a lump sum is provided as well. There may be a selection of expenses that the surrogate will have such as travel costs, lost earnings, help with housekeeping, quality food, childcare and medication. However, often expenses are not paid like this but a lump sum is agreed, perhaps of £12,000 to £15,000. There may be additional amounts to cover some expenses and if there are health difficulties or twins are born, then an extra payment may be agreed.
Court complications
Once the baby is born there has to be a parental order given to the intended parents so that they have legal responsibility for the child. As part of this the court will look at how much has been paid out for the child including the expenses covered and any lump sums. Although they have never refused a parental order due to finances, if they are too high it could cause some complications which may slow down the process. The court will be happy with ‘reasonable expenses’ being paid but this amount of money is not a specified amount and will vary from case to case. You will need to be prepared to supply evidence with regards to the costs though.
Personal concerns
It is really important to have an idea of how much money you may get paid and what your expenses, such as loss of earnings, could be. This is not really something that you can profit out of and so most people would not do it for the money. Surrogates will feel that they have completed their families and they would like to give joy to other people who are not lucky enough to be able to have their own children. It is a big thing for someone to do and being able to look after that unborn child and they give it away to another couple once it is born. Surrogates want to be able to share the joy of parenthood with others and they are not money motivated and therefore the amount of money that they can make is not relevant to their decision to become a surrogate.
As well as having an impact on the surrogate there may also be implications with regards to the reactions of their friends and family. Obviously the spouse or partner of the surrogate is the most important but any children of the surrogate and their reactions needs to be considered as well. Other family members and friends may also have concerns and questions that will need to be dealt with.