There are many jobs that will seem really tempting because of the salaries that they seem to attract. Working in computers is one of the areas that is known for making a lot of money and therefore something that can seem very attractive. However, how much money a computer technician or anyone in an IT role makes is dependent on a lot of factors.

The Advantage of Experience
As will all jobs qualifications and experience are really important. Entry level jobs will not pay so much as those for more experienced members of a workforce. You will also find that as someone stays with a company they may be rewarded by getting pay rises, bonuses and things like that, although this is less common lately.

Training and Skills
A computer technician will need to prepared to learn a lot about technology. If this is not something that appeals to you then it is not really worth getting into this field. You will need enthusiasm for the subject so that you can not only learn about the basics, but keep your knowledge up to date as technology changes. It can take a certain type of mind to want to deal with the nitty gritty of computers like this and you will need to decide whether you really want to be doing this. If you want to move into the higher pay areas, you will need to be prepared to do lots of training, which may be in your own time and keep up with the latest changes in the field. You may also need to be prepared to do unpaid overtime as often, if a computer system goes wrong, it will be vital that you fix it whether or not it is past the time for you to go home. You may just be expected to stay until it is done. The higher the salary you get, the more prepared you need to be to stay late in this sort of situation as it is likely that you will be expected to work above and beyond your contracted hours in order to get your bonus or a pay rise. You may find that you will just be expected to do this anyway; depending on the work ethic of the company that you work for.

Some Figures
Where a computer technician works will have an influence on how much they get paid. The private sector will tend to pay more than the public sector and an independent contractor will be paid more than a permanent employee. Therefore it can be difficult to put a figure on exactly how much the pay will be. According to some websites it could range from £11,000 – £27,000 but others say £16,000-£35,000, so not only is there a huge range there is also not an agreement on the amount. This means that you could potentially be earning a very small amount or a substantial amount. This will somewhat depend on your skills and experience but could also depend on the company that you choose to work for. However, if you get into management then the salary can increase quite substantially so this could be something to aim for. You will also find that certain firms will have good bonus schemes, perhaps pensions, shares etc which will really help to boost what you are earning.