If you want to become a motor mechanic and repair bikes or just wondered how much they got paid, then you will find out here as well as seeing information about what the job involves and what skills and qualifications are needed.
Job role
You may work for a freight, transportation or construction company, for an independent garage, a fast-fit outlet or a car dealership. You may specialise in one specific model of vehicle or you may need to be prepared to fix any type. You will need to be able to assess a vehicle and explain to customer what repairs need doing and whether they are urgent. You will need to calculate how much the repair will cost and how long it will take so that you can report back to the customer. You will need to carry out repairs as well as servicing and maintenance. You will need to be able to stock levels and do ordering where necessary for parts. You may need to road test vehicles to make sure that the repairs have worked. You may fit and service accessories such as alarms and stereos. You will need to keep records of the repairs that you have done.
Qualifications and skills needed
It will be necessary to have a level 2 qualification in light vehicle maintenance and repair which is often gained through an apprenticeship. This takes three years and you will split your time between college and training on the job. There are other options though where you can take a full-time college course with some practical exercises included or a college course with a one day placement. In order to qualify for such a course you will need GCSE’s in English and maths and to be passionate about the motor industry. Some work experience as a garage assistant will help and a level 1 course in light vehicle maintenance could also be a good prerequisite.

As well as qualification it is important to have a selection of skills. You will be working directly with customers and so need good communication skills. You will need to be able to follow instructions carefully, both written and verbal. You will need good problem solving skills as well as practical skills. You will need to be able to understand vehicle technology quickly and be able to adapt to the continuous changes in the motor industry. If you need to road test vehicles then you will need a driving license at a level suitable for the type of vehicle that you are testing.
A salary for a motor mechanic will vary. It can be between £18,000 and £35,000 on average per year for a 38-45 hour week. You will normally work Monday to Saturday 9-5 but if you have a job that needs finishing you may have to work a longer shift. If your employer works at fixing beak downs then you may need to be on call to help with that and may have to travel long distances to pick up a broken down vehicle. Salary and working hours will very much depend on your employer, however, if you are located in or around London you could expect a higher salary. If you are self employed you may make more and you could get promoted to a senior technician, workshop supervisor or a garage manager and get a higher salary as a result.